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About the Collector

Liela Nelson

Educational Background
  • Graduated from Brooklyn College in 1963 with a B.S. degree.
  • Graduated from New York University in 1994 with a Master's degree in Decorative Arts.
  • Master's thesis was done on walking sticks, entitled "Walking Sticks-A Mirror of History".
Collector's Background
When you think of a collector, you might think simply of someone who has an above average interest in a particular item. Liela Nelson on the other hand, as seen by her Master's thesis, is more than just an interested collector, she is one of the top experts in her field.

Liela actually stumbled onto walking sticks inadvertently while searching for another type of collectible, which was carved ivory. As seen by the pictures included within this web site, many antique walking sticks have elaborately carved ivory handles. Well, it was love at first site, and what a match it is for an individual whose Master's degree is in Decorative Arts.

Liela has been collecting walking sticks since 1988. It was around 1992 that her husband, Bernard Nelson, suggested that she turn her passion into a business. Now, when Liela travels to other countries, she not only has the opportunity to visit and view the many splendid examples of art and history they have to offer, she also has the opportunity to obtain new pieces for her collection/business.

Remembering that most of Liela's collection is comprised of one-of-a-kind hand made pieces, one never knows what unique find her next trip might uncover.

Be sure and stop back and visit the web site often. The collection changes on a regular basis as pieces are added and sold.

For questions regarding the collection, please contact:
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