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770.jpg (19369 bytes)
Catalog # 877
Price: $ 1,950
Catalog # 887
Price: $ 2,500
Catalog # 903
Price: $ 1,350
Catalog # 770
Price: $ 695
Beautifully Carved Ivory Grotesque of a Man's Head with Fangs, Wearing a Pith Helmet and Having One Eye Big and One Small 3"H x 2-1/4" at its widest, 1-1/8" Silver Collar with Worn Hallmarks, Malacca Shaft with 1" Bullet Type Metal Ferrule, Continental, Late 19th C., 37-1/2"L. Beautiful KPM German Porcelain Handle, The Handle is Tall and Slender and Depicts a Beautiful Woman Baring Her Left Breast, Her Hair Cascading Down Her Shoulders but Upswept in the Back, and Her Body Emerging From A Plinth Which is Decorated with Poly Chromed C-Scrolls 4"H x 1-1/2"W, Gold Collar, Malacca Shaft Having Eyelets and 1/2" Metal Ferrule, German, 36-3/4"L. ( A similar cane is pictured on page 213 of Catherine Dike's, "La Canne Objet d'Art"). Carved Ivory Tea Stained Skull 2"D x 1-1/2"W, Silver Collar, Ebony Shaft with 7/8" Black Horn Ferrule, Late 19th C., 33-5/8"L. Sterling Silver Art Nouveau L-Shaped Handle in the Form of a Woman's Head, Hallmarked 4"L x 2-3/8"H, Partridge Wood Shaft with 7/8" Bullet Type Metal Ferrule, Continental, Ca. 1890
Catalog # 890
Price: $ 650
Catalog # 896
Price: $ 3,000
Elongated Blonde Horn Handle with a Lapis Blue and Gold Sevres Porcelain Insert Around the Middle of the Handle. On the Porcelain Insert, Separated by Raised Gold Scrollwork is a Finely Painted Panel of a Beautiful Woman in a Low Cut Gown Wearing Flowers in her Long Hair, Small Gold Collar, Figured Ebony Shaft (missing its ferrule), Continental, Late 19th C., 38"L. Carved Ivory Tau-Shaped Handle in the Form of a Mermaid with Long Flowing Hair and Scales all Over Her Body, 5-1/4L., Small Gold Collar, Malacca Shaft with Blonde 2" Horn Ferrule, Continental, Ca. 1890, 35'L.
Catalog # 883
Price: $ 1,875
Catalog # 884
Price: $ 1,975
Porcelain Tau Shaped Handle Painted with a Landscape and Terminating with the Head of a Woman Wearing a Bonnet 3-3/4"W, Gold Tone Collar, Mahogany Shaft w. 1" Metal Ferrule.
German Handle Late 18th C. Mounted on a Newer Shaft
Nypmphenburg Porcelain Handle Modeled as the Head of a Bearded Young Man with a Tilted Cap 3-1/4"H, Small Gold Tone Collar, Malacca Shaft w. 2" Light Colored Horn Ferrule.
German, Handle Late 19th C.
Mounted on a Newer Shaft
(Modeled after a Design by Bustelli).
744.jpg (19616 bytes)
Catalog # 744
Price: $ 1500
Catalog # 628
Price: $ 1275
Chinese Carved Ivory L-Shaped Export Handle 4"L x 1-1/2"H in the Form of a Mother with Her Child. The Mother is Depicted in Traditional Chinese Dress Holding Her Child While Reclining on a Pillow Block, Malacca Shaft with 1-1/4" Light Color Horn Ferrule, Late 19th C., 36-3/4"L. Carved Ivory Head of a Child in Profile Wearing a Stocking Cap.
2-1/2"H x 1-1/2" at its Widest x 1-1/4"D
Ivory Collar
Maccassar Shaft w/Metal Ferrule
Prob. Continental, Late 19th C.
35-1/4" Long
718.jpg (23885 bytes) a 729.jpg (38478 bytes)
Catalog # 718
Price: $ 1350
Catalog # 921
Price: $ 2,000
Catalog # 886
Price: $ 850
Catalog # 729
Price: $ 2500
Tau Shaped Ivory Handle with the Head of a Man Firing a Pepperbox Carved into One Side of the Ivory, the Man's Hand and the Discharge from the Pepperbox Also Carved into the Handle 4"L x 1-1/4"H, Engraved Silver Collar, Malacca Shaft with 3/8" Metal Ferrule, Late 19th C., 33"L. A Wonderful Carved Ivory Head of a Smiling Pope Benedict XIV 2"H x 2"W, Hallmarked Silver Collar, Mahogany Shaft with a 1-3/8" Ivory Ferrule, Continental, Ca. 1900, 37"L. (Prospero Lambertini, an Italian Ecclesiastic was Pope from 1740-1758. He was a Scholar and Patron of the Arts). A Qatar Persian Ceremonial Mace-Head.
Late 19th C.
Length 10".
Unique Ivory Grip Handle Depicting a Scene Done In Black Ink of a Semi-Clad Man and Woman Along with Two Nude Children Frolicking in a Garden Surrounded with a Bird and Bear 2-1/2"H x 1-1/4" W, Signed by the Artist, Silver Collar-Hallmarked, Hardwood Shaft with 1-1/2" Horn Ferrule, Late 19th C., 37-1/2"L.
773.jpg (27846 bytes)
Catalog # 128
Price: $ 1450
Catalog # 773
Price: $ 775
Catalog # 912
Price: $ 8,500
German Folk Art
Man Regurgitating Man
Carved from one piece of Blackthorn
19th Century
35" Long
Bone Cylindrical Handle with Relief Carvings of a Windmill on One Side and a Dutch Lady on the Other, Small Silver Collar, Malacca Shaft with 1-1/4" Metal Ferrule
A Very Elegant and Beautiful Handle Made of Labradorite Depicting the Head of an African Man Carved in Exceptionally Fine Detail 1-1/2"W x 1-3/4"H, The Unique Variegated Grey-Green Stone has Fluorescent Blue Highlights Especially Noticeable on the Man's Forehead, Decorative Gold Collar, Sectional Ivory Shaft Carved to Look Like Vertebrae with the Widest Diameter at the Top and Gradually Narrowing Towards the 3/4" Bullet Type Brass Ferrule, Ca. 1900, 36"L. The Cane Comes in its Own Red Boxed Case. (Some age lines on the ivory shaft).



Catalog # 936
Price: $ 1,950

Catalog # 929
Price: $ 1,300
Tau Shaped Carved Ivory Handle Depicting a Young Boy Crouching in an Open Log Watching a Butterfly 4-5/8"L x1-1/2"H, Large Barrel Shaped Decorative Silver Collar with Birmingham Hallmarks,1896, Ebony Shaft with Replaced Metal Ferrule, English, Late 19th C., 36-1/4"L (Age lines on Ivory). Yellow Enamel and Silver Mushroom Type Handle with a Beautiful Engraving of a Vintage 1930's Car on the Top Portion of the Handle, Marked Sterling, Lacquered Ebony Shaft with 1-1/2" Brown Horn Ferrule, American, Ca. 1930, 35"L.
Catalog # 935
Price: $ 1,200
Catalog # 938
Price: $ 2,500
Art Nouveau Carved Ivory Lady's Head Wrapped in a Scarf 3-1/2"H, Scalloped Silver Collar, Ebonized Hardwood Shaft with Replaced Metal Ferrule, Ca. 1900, 36"L.

Very Finely Carved Handle in the Form of a Young Boy with Curly Hair Wearing a French Sailor's Hat, Ribbons Flowing From the Back of His Hat, Having a Shirt Collar with Anchors at the Edges 3-1/2"H x 1-1/2"Diam., Small Silver Collar, Malacca Shaft with 1-1/4" Ivory Ferrule, Attributed to the German Sculptor, Ferdinand Preiss, Ca. 1925 34-1/4"L.

"The Greatest of the Art Deco Sculptors was Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943) Who Was Descended From German Ivory Carvers on Both Sides of his Family. The Dieppe Dynasties of Ivory Workers in France Provided a Continuity in the Art of Ivory Carving Which Was Paralleled only in Erbach, Germany" from the book "Ivory" Published by Harry Abrams.

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