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948_thumb 761.jpg (14514 bytes)
Catalog # 948
Price: $350
Catalog # 857
Price: $ 550
Catalog # 761
Price: $ 1200
Large Blond Tortoise Shell Crook Handle 4-3/4"W (Crazing on Tortoise Shell), Decorative Cross Hatching on Silver Collar with a Diamond Shaped Cartouche Monogrammed JKR, Marked Sterling, Malacca Shaft with 1-1/4" Blond Horn Ferrule, American, Late 19th C. Art Deco Crook Handle Cane with a Geometric Silver Overlay Design on the Crook 4-1/4"W Fashioned from One Piece of Hardwood with a 1" Metal Ferrule, Ca. 1925, 36"L. Art Deco Silver and Wood Handle 2-3/4"H x 1-1/2" at its Widest, the Upper Portion of the Handle is Octagonal and is Overlaid with Silver in Alternating Panels, the Very Top Coming to a Peak, Mahogany Shaft with 1"
Horn Ferrule, Ca. 1925
Catalog # 891
Price: $ 600
Catalog # 892
Price: $ 325
Catalog # 838
Price: $ 525
Oval Shaped Silver Handle, Tapering on the Bottom and Elaborately Decorated with Columns and Cartouches. An Oval Cabochon Amethyst Carved with a Flower Sits Atop the Handle. It is Mounted on a Stepped Partridge Wood Shaft with 1-1/8" Bullet Type Metal Ferrule, Continental, 19th C., 34-3/4"L. Gilt Metal and Porcelain Crook Handle Lady's Cane 5"H x 2-1/4"W, Ebony Shaft with 1-1/8" Metal Ferrule, Late 19th C., Continental, 35-1/2 L. L-Shaped Silver Handle Decorated All Over with Leaves and Flowers 4"L x 2"H, Hardwood Shaft with Replaced Metal Ferrule, 33-1/2"L.
Catalog # 868
Price: $ 850
Catalog # 889
Price: $ 2,800
Art Deco Triangular Shaped Silver Crook Handle, Hallmarked, London-1908, Mounted on a Matching Triangular Shaped Hardwood Shaft with a 1" Metal Ferrule, English, 36"L. Beautiful Japanese Shibayama L-Shaped Handle 4-1/4"L, Decorated with Leaves, Vines and Butterflies Which are Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl, Abalone, and Tortoiseshell. The Handle is Signed by the Artist, Hallmarked Silver Collar, Stepped Bamboo Shaft with 1-1/4" Bullet Type Metal Ferrule, Probably English Fashioned with an Imported Japanese Handle, Late 19th C.
706.jpg (28722 bytes) 709.jpg (54401 bytes)
Catalog # 706
Price: $ 1500
Catalog # 709
Price: $ 975
Tau Shaped Gold Handle Engraved with Leaves on Both Sides, Hallmarked with a Lion and Marked K18 4-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H x 1/2"Diam., Snakewood Shaft (missing ferrule), Late 19th C., 35-3/4"L. L-Shaped Carved Wood Franco-Prussian Prisoner-of-War Cane with Spiked Metal Ferrule. The Carving on the Top Part of the Cane Spells, "VIVE LA FRANCAISE", 10-1/2" from the Top and Carved in a Circle Spells, "Nicolas", and Spiraling from the Ferrule Upwards is Carved, "SOUVENIR DE CAPITIVITE, INGOLSTADT, BAVIERE, 1871. Along with the Carved Letters are Leaves, Pine
Cones, a Snake and a Small Animal, 36"L. (Excellent Patina).
259.jpg (40967 bytes) 393.jpg (18683 bytes) 786.jpg (17732 bytes)
Catalog # 259
Price: $ 1500
Catalog # 393
Price $ 725
Catalog # 786
Price: $ 1975
Catalog # 618
Price: $ 650
18k Gold Chased Art Nouveau L-Shaped Handle
Tigerwood Shaft
Ca. 1900
35-1/4" Long
Large Gorham Silver Mushroom Top with Monogram, Circled by Repousse Decoration of Flowers & Leaves near the top.
Hardwood Shaft
Ca. 1870
32" Long
Large Mushroom Shaped Ivory Handle with Mother-of-Pearl Six Pointed Star of David on Top 2"H x 1-3/4" at its Widest, Malacca Shaft with Ivory Eyelets and Wrist Cord and 7/8" Horn Ferrule, Ca. 1870, 36"L. Silver handle in the Rococo Style w/ a monogrammed Cartouche and fancy scrollwork depicting a child playing drums on the bottom quarter of handle.
Malacca shaft w/ brass ferrule.
Probably Continental
Circa 1890
36-1/2" long
735.jpg (24767 bytes)
Catalog # 683
Price: $ 1375
Catalog # 735
Price: $ 1250
Catalog # 914
Price: $ 575
L-Shaped Scrimshaw Walking Stick. The Whalebone Handle and Shaft are Both Octagonal in Shape and are Separated by Baleen Spacers, the Handle Measures 4"W x 1-1/2"H, No Ferrule
American, Ca. 1860
34-1/2" L.
Tau Shaped Gold Art Nouveau Handle Embossed with Trumpet Shaped Flowers Growing on a Vine-Hallmarked 3-3/4"W x 2-1/4"H (minor denting to one end of handle), Hardwood Shaft with 1/2" Gold Tone Ferrule, Ca. 1890, 34-1/2"L. Silver and Niello (also called Tula) Modified Crook Handled Cane 4-2/4" W x 3-3/4"H, the Niello Portion is Decorated with Divinity Faces Among Dense Far Eastern Floral Designs, Rosewood Shaft with a 1-1/8" Black Horn Ferrule, Late 19th C., Possibly Thai, 35"L. (This cane was in the collection of Francis H. Monek).


Catalog # 924
Price: $ 2,200

Catalog # 923
Price: $ 2,500

Catalog # 916
Price: $ 1,250
A Very Elegant French Silver and Niello Crook Handle Cane with Beautiful Silver Inlaid Work on the Top Portion of the Snake Wood Shaft, French Hallmark, Maker's Mark AK, 1" Bullet Type Metal Ferrule, French, Ca. 1890, 35-3/4"L. A Beautiful French "Theater Cane". The Large Ivory is Naturalistically Carved in the Shape of a Rose with Delicate, Tight Petals 3-1/4"H x 2-1/2"W, Ebony Shaft with 1-1/2" Horn Ferrule, French, Late 19th C., 36"L. (There is a tiny chip on one of the petals). Beautiful Damascene Crook Handle Cane. The Entire Surface of the Crook Handle which Measures 4"H x 4"W is Inlaid with Gold in Finely Detailed Geometric and Floral Patterns Over Matte Blackened Steel. A Dragon is Incorporated into the Design on the Top Portion of the Handle and Stylized Animal Heads are also Found in the Design. The Crook Handle is Round and the Shaft is Stepped Partridge Wood with a 3/4" Ivory Ferrule. The Handle was Imported From Toledo, Spain and the Cane Fashioned Elsewhere in Europe, Ca. 1890, 35-1/2"L. (Damascening is a process of Inlaying Patterns of Gold or Silver Wires into Base Metals).
Catalog # 942
Price: $875
Catalog # 943
Price: $625
Tau Shaped Carved Ivory Equestrian Cane Depicting the Bottom Half of a Horse's Leg with a Horseshoe Attached (small chip on the horseshoe) 4-1/2"L x 1-1/4"H, Brass Collar and Brass End Cap, Ebony Shaft with Small Brass Ferrule, American, Early 20th C., 32"L. Five Assorted  Children's Walking Sticks, Opera Handle-18"L, Ivory Dog-22-1/8"L, Wood Dog-23-1/2"L, Horse-24-1/2"L, Crook Handle-23-1/2"L, Assorted Hardwood Shafts all with Original Metal Ferrules, Late 19th C.
Catalog # 949
Price: $325
Horn Crook Handle 4"W, Gold Collar, Malacca Shaft with 1-1/4" Blond Horn Ferrule, American, Late 19th C., 35-7/8"L.    

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